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08 January 2017 @ 10:03 am
A friend's post today reminded me I still have an account on livejournal!
I'm going to still keep my account because I really do miss typing longer entries than 140 characters.
I need to do some updating on things as well. So, more on that later.
26 May 2014 @ 10:58 pm
I have no idea why. I haven't been on here in so long.
Foxin' it forever.
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23 September 2010 @ 07:47 pm
I'm gonna post something on here that I think is a great song. I've had this thing playing a bunch of times the last two days since discovering him a couple days ago.


I guess it's one of those "the lyrics speak to me" types of deals. But have a listen, you might like it.
26 July 2010 @ 09:34 am
There's a show in Great Britain called "Mongrels". They have a fox. He is adorable.
Look! See! Cuteness!

Another fox pointed this out, but I wanted to show my friends too!
12 July 2010 @ 06:38 pm
Wow, that was an awesome night! Thanks to the venue (studs) and DJ NeonBunny, it was overall a very positive experience, awesome folks, nice bartender, good music (Thanks DJ Croc and DJ NeonBunny), yeah it was very nice :). It made me be quite glad to finally get to dance in a club setting in the city in fursuit. I was quite thrilled at that notion.

Here's a link to some photos and videos of the event that took place two nights ago in the city.

(thanks for Alastair for shooting the videos and photos!)

Here's a link for more info on the event. It is held every month:

I enjoyed the event, I hope to do this again next time!
All right you animals, tonight I've been inspired to write a full con report about the happenings in Irvine, CA. Some wonderfully good things came of it, and some oddly bad things came of it (but mostly good). Either way, it was a wonderful experience all around, and I would -never- trade any moment of it for the world.

Friday: I get there at the prereg at 6PM after a long awesome road trip with my friends only to find that the programs are gone, and one dude working at a computer that had some major issues. Now, I suppose every con has hiccups at this type of thing, but dude, wtf, no programs. It's not a big deal I didn't get one, but I just don't get it. I also later found out that the Guest of Honor DIDN'T GET A PLANE TICKET from Califur to get himself/herself down here. Again, not a big deal to me, but I mean... seven years now you've been running a con and you couldn't get these two basic things right?

Either way, whatever. I had an awesome dinner with a bunch of my friends over at the House of Shabu Shabu. Awesome place, highly recommend it if you are in town. All you can eat for $20. You get an awesome choice of meat, appetizers, sushi, and drinks (for an unlimited amount of time). After that, I made it back and suited up and danced to industrial (not really danceable to me) and 80s (much more danceable). Afterwards left and spent time with friends until I finally passed out at 3AM.

Saturday: Woke up late, had a late breakfast at Ihop by walking a couple blocks. I was surprised by a comment about furries by a lady in her 50s, who looked like a typical Southern California lady. Then she pointed out that her son was with the convention. I found that quite humorous in a good way. Go mom!

Got back to the con, and helped my friend out with the "fursuit dance" panel. I really enjoy his enthusiasm, desire, and willingness to help other furs learn how to dance. He went over basic moves, some pointers, and I wanted to share with others things I've learned/noticed since getting into fursuit dancing (or dancing in general) because I have had furs come up to me many times to ask "How do you dance?" Rhythm, baby, rhythm. My friend did a good job overall with the panel. :)

Went back to my room and chilled for a bit, and then went to the fursuit parade. I was a little disappointed that the fursuiters didn't get to go into this so called room to have a chance to take a group photo. I think Califur itself mucked this one up, but maybe the hotel did too? We didn't get to go to the pool area like last time because I overheard that KROQ (local radio station that plays rock/alternative) had that area for themselves for that time frame. Maybe this wasn't known until the last minute? So yeah, we stood in the hot hot sun until one by one, we left on our own. Either way, the very fact that there is 4 plus minutes of video of fursuiters doing a parade outshines the time I went to Califur in 2005 and captured video of , oh I don't know, maybe 20 something fursuiters? Rock on, fandom.

Afterwards, I hung out with friends who I haven't seen in a long time for pretty much the rest of the con until the dance. I apologize to those who were expecting me to be at the major events there during that time, but quite truthfully I have always seen this experience for me at this con as "the relaxacon". I am there to shoot the shit with my friends, and have a good time meeting new ones. I am happy that my other friends doing skits at the Furry Night Live event were pleased with how things turned out, and I applaud and have the utmost respect for their hard efforts and work.

Saturday night's dance was probably the high light of the con. Not only did I have a great time at the dance (with some awesome techno/trance/hey, even hardcore!), but watching all the craziness with the KROQ people was quite amusing. I loved hearing about STP trying to sneak into the fursuit lounge and/or dance from my friend. Another friend posed with a KROQ DJ in one of the elevators. Oh, and the KROQ people seemed more sloshed than the furries.

I guess I was little disappointed observing a couple Verizon Wireless guys really take the piss out of a couple of furries they observed while standing in the elevator with them. Mostly because they poked fun at those who, well, may not be dressed as 'good' as others. Something about "those parents who let their kids dress like this should be drug out into the street and shot". They missed the point. The whole thing about cons like this is to have fun and enjoying yourself. There is a lot of us that are quite lucky and either are talented artists in one way or another, or happen to find enough dough to commission someone else to make us look fantastic. Or, they could be simply hating on furries in general.

Case in point: I think it's a shame that when it gets down to it, when KROQ is on the air, once again they have to be the next voice that repeats the same line of "50% are bi 25% are gay, its a fetish, screwing plushies, very few female furs, Pedobear at animecons, girls in cat ears." Dude, I know this shit looks weird. I know it does. I guess at the end of the day, human nature and society finds it oh-so-easier to label it and be done with it. Never mind exploring it some more and meet some of the other folks out there that aren't loud, obnoxious, and GASP, don't "look like a furry". Yes, there are some hot chicks and some hot guys! (oh I have news for you, some of the not so hot ones are awesome too. I learned a long time again that personality IS more attractive. I know, that's -real- crazy, isn't it?!) One of my friends swears there are a LOT more chicks at Califur than at any other con around. As for my own observations, they all looked a bit too young for me if I were straight. We're talking borderline jailbait here. No thanks *awkward pause*...

But I degress. Fucking Stone Temple Pilots wanted to crash our party. Devo was spotted as well with furs. I say, fuck yeah man. Bring it on, because you know , you KNOW we know how to have a good time. You might want to deny it, but deep down, you know you want to have as much fun as we do. They just are freaky enough to try it -- even if they (and we) sometimes need liquid courage to obtain this goal.

Eventually, I returned to my room after a crazy night, and listened to my friend read all the tweets people were saying about the night, mostly from KROQ's side. A lot of good, a few bad. *shurgs* Either way we chatted it up until 3AM again.

Sunday: Woke up early because I had a vivid dream about the entire con evacuating through our hotel window (never mind we were seven stories up). Then I woke up, and fell back asleep, and the stupid dream continued. I really hate when that happens. So I probably got like four hours of sleep at the most. Oh well. It seemed to be enough. My friends and I packed out things and made it out before noon, and drove some more and visited Canter's. Awesome deli in LA. HIGHLY recommend it. It's nice having mundane food like a pastrami sandwich taste so awesomely good!

I had a great time just chatting with my friends on the road trip as well. I got to learn about new music, some of which are some awesome AWESOME stuff. And we talked about everything imaginable. I got back home at 9PM.

Final word: Awesome time, but I wish Califur itself as a con was a bit better organized. I know it's relaxacon (and I treat it as such), but it will eventually become a big con (unless this other con going on in October can steal its thunder). No complaints by any means about my time there, but just my observations of the whole event.

And I really wish I had more time to hang out with friends. I seriously ran out of time. But I treasure the time I got to spent there. Thanks to all of those who I spent time with. You guys make this con the best that it is. You really do!

KROQ's photos: http://kroq.radio.com/2010/06/05/photos-the-califur-furry-convention-is-at-our-hotel/#photo-1

My photos (just a sample of things that went on): http://s415.photobucket.com/albums/pp236/crygus/

Also, check out Califur 2010 on youtube to see the parade.
20 May 2010 @ 02:51 pm
I honestly feel burned out , under appreciated, and my only purpose of being a teacher is to babysit kids.

I am actively looking for a new career. It's a shame teaching didn't work out. I'm just honestly at my wits end. I do want to play this game of life because there are so many wonderful things about it, and I'm quite thankful for all of my support from my family and friends.

IF I had been paid just a little more, I will gladly work my ass off even harder. But I need to start doing things for ME. It -feels- like I am only rewarded by being taken advantage of because I am such a nice and giving person.

So wish me luck on this new venture.
16 May 2010 @ 11:12 am
Dude, when I go to Japan I am so going to this spot.


It's a furry Japanese dance club. Check out the photo section.
28 April 2010 @ 12:01 pm
I recommend anyone who has a fursuit to get on there for shits and giggles. Look up chat roulette on google. Beware though, there will be a lot of guys with their junk out, so its obviously NSFW. Anyway here's me trying to entertain the masses:

(link is safe for work)
11 April 2010 @ 11:14 am

Courtesy of Apsykes!